Bravo! The Project - A Documentary Film


BRAVO!  A Documentary Film
Common Men, Uncommon Valor
Bravo Company, First Battalion, 26th Marines
We invite you to participate in this project and help us tell the story of Bravo Company with your generous sponsorship and help.

The independent producers of Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon  Valor incur ongoing expenses in relation to the marketing, travel and promotion needed to continue raising public awareness of Bravo!. We will not rest until our film has been seen far and wide. Any amount you choose to donate will be greatly appreciated.

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Bravo the Project, PO Box 1224, Eagle, Idaho, 83616

Thank you for your gift!

Every donation counts.

Thank you!  We appreciate your participation.

Ken & Betty Rodgers

With deep appreciation to the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation for their start-up grant.

PS:  If you would like to be notified of our progress on the film and projected completion date, please send us your email address.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Disclaimer:

Bravo! is a project under the direction of Ken and Betty Rodgers.  All proceeds donated to the project will be used only for the purpose of producing and distributing the documentary film.  Any personal information you provide us is held in strict confidence and will not be shared.

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