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September 24, 2015

BRAVO! Accepted into the G I Film Festival San Diego

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We have great news to announce! BRAVO! has been accepted in the inaugural GI Film Festival San Diego! Thanks to the Skipper (Ken Pipes) and his son and daughter-in-law, Tim and Sandra, we learned about this film festival and sent in our application. Lo and behold, we are in and scheduled with a prime time slot! What makes us happiest about this is that it couldn’t be more appropriate for BRAVO!’s first film festival, since every man in the film went to Camp Pendleton (San Diego County) for staging to go to Vietnam. San Diego County is where the story begins. And it’s the home of Bravo Company’s illustrious commander. Perfect.


Ken and I will be driving to San Diego for the event. We would love it if each and every one of you could be there, too, but we know some of you cannot. If you ARE able to join us, we’d love to visit with you.

In order to get the attention of folks who could help BRAVO! find a national audience, the most important thing we can do right now is sell out the theater. This gets their attention. There are 200 seats, and anything you can do to help would be deeply appreciated.

BRAVO! will be shown at 12:30 PM on Sunday, October 18. The theater is located very near where last year’s Khe Sanh Veterans Reunion was held. It is located off the 163 freeway in the bottom section of the Hazard Center just off Friars Rd. (7510 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108.)


Here is the link to purchase tickets. There is a discount for veterans and military, as well as members of KPBS public television. Scroll down to BRAVO!, and we encourage you to take a look at the rest of the festival, too.

We will be creating a Facebook “event” which you are welcome to “share.” It’s a great way to help get the word out.

The best part of this wonderful news is that it means more and more people will see and be aware of this story.

A heartfelt thank you to each one of you, in the film or not, for your interest, participation and encouragement in this journey. It has meant everything to us.

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November 30, 2011

Betty’s Latest Post on Sundance and Other Things

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Upon awakening this morning, I decided it was time to write another blog for Bravo! A blog about how grateful Ken and I are for the phenomenal year we’ve had.  Something about the people who have stepped forward in countless ways to become part of the journey of this film.  The kindnesses, the skills, the open doors, the encouragement, the financial support.

Upon arising, I remembered that this would be the day we would hear from the Sundance Film Festival, and we did.  We were informed that less than 180 films were chosen from an astounding 11,700 submissions from around the world, and Unfortunately, we are not able to include Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor in our Festival program.”

Yes, we are disappointed, but we are not discouraged. Many people in the film industry think that this film is worthy of the highest awards. We were told that it will find its way into the world, and that it will remain significant long past our lifetimes. We have been told multiple times that it should be seen by every person in the United States. We believe this fervently, and we believe that the experiences and emotions and wisdom of the men in the film and their comrades will be known far and wide.  That their memories and sacrifices will hold great meaning for the generation that experienced the Vietnam War, and for their families.

People who have seen Bravo! tell us how they feel as if they now know these men from Bravo Company, and that they have come to care about them. Yes, the unabashed honesty of these men in front of the camera is something to behold.  It changes you.

And so we move forward because we know this is important work.  We have been entrusted with something much bigger than us, and we remain determined to honor that.  We have submitted the film to other major film festivals, and are currently seeking a distributor for theatrical release.

We will soon post a list of our supporters on the Bravo! website, along with other updated information.  Thank you for coming alongside with your past and future support, and for your belief in this important project.