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December 14, 2015

Giving Thanks

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December is the season of short days, long chilly nights and reflection on what has passed and what is to come. For many it is a season of giving and of thanks. Recently, Betty and I have been thinking about what we have that we wish to give thanks for.

Last October at the GI Film Festival San Diego, after the master of ceremonies announced BRAVO! as the winner of the Best Documentary Feature, I stood at the podium with the award in my hand and prepared to give some kind of speech, maybe something I had been planning for, should we be lucky enough to win.

But instead of any planned words I might have scratched on a three-by-five index card, what flooded into my head was a vision of all the people who have worked on this film or, in some way, helped move the process along be it actually being interviewed, working on the film, helping fund the film, sponsoring screenings, writing blogs, or graciously passing the word. We love every referral.

At that moment at the podium, faces dodged in and out of my mind. Some I recognized, some were avatars of sorts, for all the folks who have helped BRAVO! along the way whom Betty and I have yet to meet in person.

For us, filmmaking is a group affair: storytellers, video makers, editors, sound people, music folks, promoters, sponsors, funders and the list goes on and on.

Recently we gathered at the home of film sponsors Elaine Ambrose and Ken McKay for a celebration recognizing BRAVO!’s success at the GI Film Festival. Joined by some of our earliest supporters, we enjoyed talking about filmmaking, BRAVO!, and a host of other issues and ideas including our newest film project which we will announce very soon. A hearty Marine Corps ooorah to Elaine and Ken for their generous hospitality.

The award for Best Documentary Feature at the G I Film Festival San Diego. Photo courtesy of Betty Rodgers.

The award for Best Documentary Feature at the G I Film Festival San Diego. Photo courtesy of Betty Rodgers.

That evening was one more example of the support we have received from our cohorts…cohorts in the creation of BRAVO!.

Literally hundreds and hundreds of people have stepped up to help us along the way and we wish to say THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do.

If you or your organization would like to host a screening of BRAVO! in your town this winter, spring or summer, please contact us immediately.

DVDs of BRAVO! are available and there is still time to order copies for the holidays. Please consider gifting copies to a veteran, a history buff, a library, a friend or family member. They make great Christmas gifts. For more information, go to

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