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March 27, 2012

Meet the Men of Bravo!–Lloyd Scudder

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Bravo! Marine Lloyd Scudder offers us some very sage advice.

When I enlisted, I was living in Oregon. My address was Portland, but I lived outside of there in the country, closer to a place called Scappoose, where I graduated.

I just turned 18 when I got to Vietnam. At Khe Sanh I was a grunt: did patrols, filled sandbags, and wrote letters home.

I am married and retired now. I fish, hunt and travel. I also volunteer at the county schools as a motivational speaker.

My speaking started when our son was a sixth grader. His class and sixth graders from other schools around here went to Outdoor School. There was a boy who was there in a wheelchair. It was being noticed not only by the high school counselors but also the teachers too, that nobody wanted to associate with him. The head teacher asked all the kids if anybody at their home was disabled and wouldn’t mind coming in to speak about this. I did, and have been speaking for over 20 years now.

Lloyd Scudder at his Bravo! interview

It used to be called Outdoor School, but now it is called Welcome to My World Outdoor School.

Lloyd’s sage advice:

  • Never quit; always keep trying; never give up.
  • Show empathy and be aware that those with disabilities have feelings too.
  • Remember, if something happens to you, what are you going to do?
  • Just because a person is disabled doesn’t mean he’s “disabled.”
  • Everybody has a disability.

    Lloyd Scudder also warbles some mean ’60s tunes at the Khe Sanh Veterans reunions.