Bravo! The Project - A Documentary Film


Read Pam and Lance Thompson’s outstanding article published in Vietnam Magazine about BRAVO! and the underlying story behind the film, here.

Watch Bob Lawrence of ABC10-San Diego’s piece about BRAVO! and our Oceanside, California screening here:

Listen to Ken’s interview about the Siege of Khe Sanh and the making of BRAVO! in his conversation with ALL MARINE RADIO here.

Read Faye Higbee’s wonderful article at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children here.

Read about Ken’s award from the DAR for his work on BRAVO! @

Read a report on BRAVO! from the Idaho Tribune here.

Read a article from the San Diego Union-Tribune about BRAVO!, Ken Pipes and the film’s producers, Ken and Betty Rodgers here.

Read cartoonist and blogger Jeff Bacon’s review of BRAVO! titled Horror and Grace @

Idaho legend Marcia Franklin of Idaho Public Television’s program, Dialogue, recently interviewed BRAVO!’s Steve Wiese, Ken Rodgers, and Betty Rodgers. You can view Marcia’s insightful interview about the story of the film here, and this link directs you to her interview about the actual making of the film.

Read the film review of BRAVO! from former Washington Post and Baltimore Sun film critic and novelist Stephen Hunter. Click here and then scroll down to find the Hunter piece, entitled “A Tour of Hell in a Small Space.” It’s an outstanding review!

Check out the Vietnam Veterans of America’s ARTS OF WAR ON THE WEB shout out for BRAVO!

Read the first review of Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor, penned by Mr. Don Schwartz of CineSourceMagazine at

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