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Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor page lists dedications to military veterans made by the film’s generous donors. To honor your veteran, please donate at the “Point” level here, then send an email to with the name. Thank you!

Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor is dedicated to the memory of Bravo Company’s Daniel Lawrence Horton.

David A. Aldrich
Joseph C. Battle
Kevin P. Benner
Alex “Jeff” Bodenweiser
Steve Bradley
Ted Britt
Donald E. Caldwell
Capt. Thomas M. Carlton
David Chacon
Thomas R. Croft
Paul G. Cuddy
Andy DeBona
Frederick L. Dennis
Harry C. Dennis
Kay Dennis
John Dillon
Richard Pete Donathan
Robert Alan Doten
William Lee Felts
Gerald R. Finney
Jimmie Don Fulford
Doug Furlong
Hugh Patrick Gallagher
Jack A. Gardner
Gregory Gibbons
Keith Ginther
Manuel J. Gomez
Ralph S. Gorton III
Earl Wayne Harris
Quiles R. Jacobs
Franklin Dennis Jones
Greg Kent
Bill Lindsey
Maj. Russell Charles Loften
Charles R. Madden III
“Doc” Martin
Michael H. McCauley
Rex McCoy
David Dayle McKenzie
Jimmie Lefon McRae
Wayne Morris
Vincent Mottola
Adam Neilsen
Hank Norman
William C. Northington
Michael E. O’Hara
Paul C. O’Leary
John Digby Pahlow
Richie Parker
Paul Michael “Mike” Penn
Don K. Pierstorff
Kenneth W. Pipes
Reid Plumb
Don Quinn
Christopher J. Ralston
Don Rash
James Myron Read
Dale W. Rodgers
Frank Rodgers
Kenneth E. Rodgers
Greg Root
Richard Ross
Ron Ryan
Merle W. Sanderson
Donald Baron Saunders
Philip F. Sheridan
Capt. Donald E. Shipman
David R. Simpson
Walter K. Singleton
Walter F. Skinner
Author C. Smith
Rick James Stewart
John Raymond Stout
Rev. Ray Stubbe
Arthur Titus
George A. Waldron
Maj. James Randall Watford
Donald Eugene Whitaker
Delmar “Jack” Wiggins
John William Wilson-“Gone but not forgotten, John, My Very Best of Friends.” Remembered by Andrew Salazar
Brian William Wright


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