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March 7, 2011


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This morning a stout gale ruckused off the Pacific Ocean and chased Betty and me all the way from Santa Rosa to Albany. The yellow blossoms of the acacia trees scattered across the freeway and the wind rustled up whitecaps that cornered the late winter light that shone through the scattered clouds.
In Albany, we handed over the material for the film, Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor, to our editor John Nutt. With great anticipation, we had imagined this meeting beforehand, and were not disappointed. The three of us discussed making movies, conflict, the Vietnam War (John is a Vietnam veteran who served with the United States Army), art and what movies like Bravo! have to offer.
As we have mentioned before, John has forty years of experience as a sound and film editor and has contributed his talents to some big films, among them the 1984 movie, Amadeus.
We’ve gathered a passel of information and interviews, film and photos, and now that it’s in John’s hands, we’re ready for him to create art from the chaos that exists on our hard drives.
We are excited about this big step, to say the least. Onward.