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June 27, 2013

BRAVO! Co-producer and Co-director Betty Rodgers Muses on BRAVO!’s Supporters

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Most people don’t stay for the credits at the end of a film, but almost without exception, our audiences have watched the entire run of credits as if riveted to their seats. I think this is partly because they want to remember the names of the men in the film. Plus, they are interested in the dedications…the veterans, living and deceased, who were honored by donors or the filmmakers.

For me, personally, the credits are always another journey down the BRAVO! road, the road paved with a myriad of memories. And at each screening, there seems to be a revolving number of categories that suddenly get my attention as if I am seeing them for the first time. Most recently it was the list of donors. We’ve often said this film wouldn’t be what it is…a powerful work of art…without our donors, and it’s so true.

The list is impressive and humbling, representing those who believed in us and in the story we wanted to tell. There’s everything from the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation to other filmmakers, from Bravo Company Marines to veterans’ organizations, from Vietnam war-protestors to families who lost loved-ones. There are our own friends and family members. There are other Khe Sanh veterans and veterans from other combat areas as well as friends of friends. There are people who have since passed away, yet their gifts live on in BRAVO!

And so I sat there reading each name, once again overcome with gratitude. Every individual on that list is a meaningful part of BRAVO! We can never say “thank you” enough, but we can certainly try.

THANK YOU each and every one.

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